Choosing the right products for the right build, to fit often tight budgets is a daily challenge for architects and specifiers. Greater energy efficiency and an airtight building envelope, once the preserve of ‘green’ building standards, are becoming mainstream requirements for many new builds. Ecoply Barrier is designed to help the construction industry provide kiwis with weathertight, more secure and safer homes.

As the experts in the design and planning process, you don’t want your clients to have difficulty getting sign-off. This is why Ecoply Barrier has been developed, tested and third party-appraised with architects and builders in mind.

In specifying Ecoply Barrier, you can take confidence from the fact that you’ve recommended a proven building solution supported by leading technical literature, robust peer review and an outstanding performance history.

The BRANZ Appraised Ecoply® Barrier provides many benefits:


Timber is a great, reliable product that has been around forever.

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Give your clients confidence while saving them time and money by specifying Ecoply® Barrier.

Give your clients confidence while saving them time and money by specifying Ecoply® Barrier.

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Ecoply Barrier is an H3.2 CCA-treated structural plywood panel sealed on the face and edges using an advanced polyester coating process. Ecoply Barrier includes specially designed sealing tapes to provide a weathertight rigid air barrier for drained and vented cavity systems outside the building frame, effectively replacing traditional building wrap in the cavity. It provides structural bracing and forms a strong secondary line of defence to prevent moisture penetrating the building envelope (the primary defence being the exterior cladding).

Ecoply Barrier offers a true system approach to creating a rigid air barrier, with all components specifically designed to work together. The engineered plywood panel is sealed with a unique powder coating which, when used with Ecoply Barrier Tapes, forms a moisture-resistant barrier, eliminating the need for flexible building wrap.

Key benefits of Ecoply® Barrier for specifiers:
*Timeframe and efficiencies are indicative only. Construction production gains will differ with respect to individual builder's abilities and other contribution circumstances outside the control of CHH Woodproducts.



Ecoply Barrier BRANZ Appraisal 827

Ecoply Barrier BRANZ Appraisal

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Ecoply Barrier for Steel BRANZ Appraisal