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Ecoply® Barrier – Structural bracing and weathertight building solutions

Whether you’re building homes, business premises or public spaces, you need to run to schedule – delays mean extra costs and no-one wants  those. You also want to deliver a build that gets completed easily so you can move onto your next project. Ecoply® Barrier effectively replaces traditional building wrap, offering a proven building solution that saves time on a job and improves weathertightness and strength.

Ecoply Barrier provides an all-in-one package:


Wrapped up for Winter

Our trial results showed that we picked up time on our projected plan and the building was far more secure in the environment we were building.

- Jennian Homes with Ecoply Barrier

Ecoply® Barrier rigid air barrier system effectively replaces traditional building wrap.

Ecoply® Barrier rigid air barrier system effectively replaces traditional building wrap.


Ecoply Barrier offers a true system approach to creating a rigid air barrier, with all components specifically designed to work together. The engineered plywood panel is sealed with a unique powder coating which, when used with Ecoply Barrier Tapes, forms a moisture-resistant barrier, eliminating the need for flexible building wrap.

Ecoply® Barrier is an H3.2 CCA-treated structural plywood panel sealed on the face and edges using an advanced polyester coating process. Ecoply Barrier includes specially designed sealing tapes to provide a weathertight rigid air barrier for drained and vented cavity systems outside the building frame, effectively replacing traditional building wrap in the cavity. It provides structural bracing and forms a strong secondary line of defence to prevent moisture penetrating the building envelope (the primary defence being the exterior cladding).

Key benefits of Ecoply® Barrier for builders:

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Ecoply Barrier is sold through building merchants nationwide.