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Ecoply® Barrier is a building solution which delivers a rigid air barrier and structural bracing for strong, safe, weathertight buildings. Rigid air barrier systems use a solid substrate, combined with a tape system to block air flow and prevent air pressure and water infiltrating the building from the outside. Cost-effective and simple to install, Ecoply Barrier brings comfort, reassurance and security to your living environment.


Ecoply Barrier offers a true system approach to creating a rigid air barrier, with all components specifically designed to work together. The engineered plywood panel is sealed with a unique powder coating which, when used with Ecoply Barrier Tapes, forms a moisture-resistant barrier, eliminating the need for flexible building wrap.

Ecoply Barrier is an H3.2 CCA-treated structural plywood panel sealed on the face and edges using an advanced polyester coating process. Ecoply Barrier includes specially designed sealing tapes to provide a weathertight rigid air barrier for drained and vented cavity systems outside the building frame, effectively replacing traditional building wrap in the cavity. It provides structural bracing and forms a strong secondary line of defence against moisture penetration into the building envelope (the primary defence being the exterior cladding).

Architects – key benefits of specifying Ecoply Barrier

Builders – key benefits of working with Ecoply Barrier
Homeowners – key benefits of building with Ecoply Barrier


As a Builder, Ecoply® Barrier is a great product to Handle: It's light and not brittle.

The Architect, The Builder and The Homeowner Case Study

- Zane Raphael

Ecoply® Barrier is a rigid air barrier system - effectively replacing traditional building wrap.

Ecoply® Barrier is a rigid air barrier system - effectively replacing traditional building wrap.

Powder Coating Technology

The technologically advanced film coating on Ecoply® Barrier structural plywood panels is specifically formulated to resist the effects of weathering, including sun and moisture, both during construction and for the life of the completed building.

Coating benefits:

Ecoply Barrier powder coating technology has been independently tested* and found to meet New Zealand Building Code performance requirements for rigid sheathing and air barriers used in residential buildings within the scope of NZS 3604 as outlined in section 9.1.4 and table 23 of E2/AS1.

*Independent testing completed by Scion Research Ltd

3 Tapes 3

The Ecoply Barrier Specification

Ecoply Barrier Sill Tape, Frame Sealing Tape and Sealing Tape transforms Ecoply Barrier plywood panels into a seamless protective barrier for your construction project. All tapes are specifically designed and proven to deliver an airtight and watertight seal. The Ecoply Barrier ‘rigid air barrier system’ is suitable for all wind zones, up to, and including ‘Extra High’ wind zones.

The Ecoply Barrier Tapes save you time and money on the job so you can leave the site with confidence they will perform, rain, hail or shine!

Technical DataSealing TapeSill TapeFrame Sealing Tape
Description Used to seal all vertical joints between sheets to prevent moisture ingress into the building envelope. For weathertight sealing of Ecoply Barrier around windows and door sills. Designed to re-seal around nail penetrations. Used in conjunction with the Sill Tape for a secure and permanent seal of all Ecoply Barrier openings.
Carrier Paper Special fleece made from PP Butyl rubber with PE film Special fleece made from PP
Release Paper Siliconized Paper Siliconized Foil
(Split 90mm / 60mm)
Siliconized Paper
(Split 90mm / 60mm)
Temperature Resistance Long term –40˚C to +90˚C Long term –40˚C to +90˚C Long term –40˚C to +90˚C
Processing Temperature From –10˚C From –10˚C From –10˚C
Colour Grey Black Grey

The Ecoply Barrier Product Range

DescriptionWeigth (kg/m2)ThicknessWidthLengthPieces
per pack
Ecoply Barrier Panel - Structural plywood with factory applied propriety coating to sheet surface and edges. Approx 4.0 7mm 1197mm 2440mm

40 or 75

40 or 75
Sill Tape - One piece stretchable sill tape for window and door sills. - - 150mm       200mm 20m per Roll 2 Rolls per box
Frame Sealing Tape - For a permanent seal of all Ecoply Barrier openings (Use in conjunction with Sill Tape). - - 150mm

30m per Roll 2 Rolls per box

1 Roll per box
Sealing Tape - For a permanent seal of all Ecoply Barrier vertical joints. - - 60mm 30m per Roll 10 Rolls per box


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