Ecoply® Barrier – a rigid air barrier system for weathertight buildings
Ecoply® Barrier is a weathertight, plywood-based, rigid air barrier solution designed to cope with the wet weather and high winds that batter New Zealand homes, businesses and public spaces.

Made Tough. Made to Last.

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Architects & Specifiers

We know choosing the best product for your client’s needs is a crucial part of designing and specifying a building. We’ll help you decide if Ecoply Barrier is right for your design and provide you with leading technical support throughout the process. Why Ecoply Barrier makes for a great build:

  • Early close-in
  • Structural bracing
  • Technical Specification
  • BRANZ appraisal
  • The 4D’s of weathertightness


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Installers & Builders

We understand that a delay on any build costs money. We’ll show you how Ecoply Barrier can save time and cost so you can help your customers understand why it’s best for them. Our industry-leading technical support, literature and CAD files are here to support your build.

  • How Ecoply Barrier saves time and money
  • 180 day exposure protection
  • Easy to install
  • Where to buy

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Home Owner

We all want warm, safe and strong homes for ourselves and our families. Ecoply Barrier is part of a new generation of building solutions designed to improve the environments we live in. We’ll show you why Ecoply Barrier makes for a better, safer and more secure build.

  • A weathertight home for peace of mind
  • Energy efficiency
  • Effortless sustainability
  • How other homeowners feel

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